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Pictures of India’s Lunar Mission launch

November 3, 2008

Pictures of India’s lunar mission launch. Taken from here:


India’s first Lunar Mission

September 22, 2008

India’s space program has been slowly gaining momentum. After launching numerous sattellites for commerical use, they have set their sights on the moon, literally. Their latest mission is to launch a probe to the moon. Specfically, they will jettison a device to the moon to create an impact that will result in moon dust flying around. The dust will be captured by the probe for analysis. The scientists hope to find minerals that may result in a new energy source.

This article explains it in detail.

Apparently, India’s space program has proven to be a positive investment. They claim they get a good return. This Newsweek article describes their remote sensing satellite and how it helped the people.

It argues that its space program has earned a return of $2 on every dollar invested by the government, according to Nair. For example, its remote sensing satellites, which map the Earth’s surface at a resolution of close to one meter, have helped find well water in dry regions, saving the government’s drill boring program $100 million.

That is very cool. Pres Abdul Kalam would be proud.

Stunning photos of the Large Hardron Collider @ CERN

August 3, 2008

The Large Hardron Collider is an immense undertaking by CERN and various international scientist. It is a research project to study how atoms are constructed. How do they do this? Like any child would, by smashing the object with another object.  To be precise, they race protons around a 27km “circle” and observe how the protons will collide & the resulting chaos. A particle accelerator is used to make the protons move inside this ‘circle’.  This project is said to help explain the ‘Big Bang’ which models how the Universe was created.

All the photos can be found here:

A photo: