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Force India F1 reveals their 2009 Challenger

February 28, 2009

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November 3, 2008

I don’t believe this actually was the reason for Lewis winning the title, but it was funny anyway:

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Poor Massa & Ferrari fans

November 3, 2008

Found this on the ‘net, thought they were pretty funny:

Lewis Hamilton – Full of Fail, yet again, this time due to daddy.

July 4, 2008

Cliff notes:

Lewis Hamilton says he’s fitter than Jenson Button

Button challenges him to a triathlon to prove himself.

Lewis accepts at an official FIA pre-race Post Conference

After Press Conference, Lewis’s father puts out statement saying Lewis will NOT compete.

Epic fail. The worst thing a competitor can do: commit to a challenge and then back out, due to daddy.

From FIA press conference as found on

Q. (Ian Parkes – The Press Association) Lewis, if you were to compete in a triathlon with Jenson, are you pretty adept at all three of the events?

LH: So, there’s swimming, cycling and running. How far do you have to go? What is it? Fill me in, fill me in.

JB: 1.5 kms swim, 40 kms bike and a 10 kms run.

LH: That’s not too bad.

JB: You’ve got three weeks to practise.

LH: That’s not too bad. I was just checking my calendar, so I wasn’t being rude. I was trying to see whether I’m busy that day and unfortunately I don’t think I am. No, honestly, the biggest incentive is, if I do beat you, then you’ve got some money for a charity which is great. However, you do have an advantage as you’ve already done one, and I already know that by doing one you’re better the next time. But man, I’m up for it, I’m up for it.

JB: But then again, you have the advantage in a racing car at the moment, you’re in a better car so… It’s pretty even.

LH: OK, let’s do it. It’s a date.

later…Anthony Hamilton (Lewis’s father & manager) had this to say:

“Lewis accepted the challenge like the good sport he is, and in the spirit with which he accepts things,” said Hamilton. “Unfortunately for Lewis, we are withdrawing him from this.

tsk tsk tsk…

BMW M1 Procar Series

July 2, 2008

Awesome video footage of the old BMW M1 Procar Series that used to be a support race during the F1 weekend. In addition to the M1 drivers, the top four F1 drivers from free practice would also race in the series. Too bad that would never happen now. 😦

In this particular clip, they are racing at Monaco.

The cars themselves are powered by a 3.4L mid-engined inline-6 motor making 277hp. They weighed just over 3100lbs. Details on the car can be found here.

The racing series will be re-incarnated for this year’s German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, but don’t expect any of the current F1 drivers to participate.

Anatomy of a Race car driver

June 17, 2008

This was from Wired magazine, its an interesting piece about the physiology of a race car driver and the amount of training that is required to drive correctly. Click the image for the article. (pic taken from the Car Lounge)

Lewis Hamilton’s Canadian GP Epic Failure

June 11, 2008

Lewis Hamilton on his qualifying attempt, prior to the race:

“What can I say? I put together a clean lap and everyone else was struggling with the track’s poor surfaces and I found a solution,” he said.

“At the end of the day if there is a problem, it is my job to find a solution and get around it as quick as possible. So I am not surprised that I have that big a gap there, because I can see other people would probably not have found it. So that is why I am on pole.”

He added: “It is one of my skills. I am able to adjust to whatever conditions I have, and that is probably why I am so strong in the wet. I feel at home, I feel comfortable. And it wasn’t tough, to be honest.”

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Apparently he can’t adjust to red lights. Lewis Hamilton during the race:

lewis hamilton's epic fail

The lesson here is:

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