Canadian Auto Workers To USA: Don’t buy Japanese, they bombed Pearl Harbour!

Here’s yet another example of stupidity from the CAW union leaders, who are fighting to keep alive the Oshawa truck plant.

The background for those who don’t know: The GM Oshawa plant produces full size SUVs. GM & CAW signed contract over keeping plants open.  Gas hit stratospheric prices with no sign of easing back down. SUV sales plummet and GM can’t sell them anymore, so they decide to shut down the Oshawa plant. This angers the CAW workers at that plant since they will lose their jobs, which is fair. However, they seem to think it is their right to work at that plant. They could also apply for a job at one of the many non-unionized plants (run by Honda & Toyota) in Ontario. But no, they’ve resorted to picketing at the GM Corp campus as well as coming up with useless rhetoric. Well, I should clarify, its Buzz Hargove (the head honcho) that says the stupid shit, not the actual workers in the Union. He doesn’t seem to realize that the market demands have made that Oshawa plant redudant.

So anyway, here is the latest statement where another CAW person tells Americans to not buy Japanese car because of Pearl Harbour.

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“Ron [CAW chair at GM] spoke about NASCAR trip. He questioned Americans buying Kia, Toyota, Honda. Reminded them of 9/11. ‘Would you buy from Iraqi or Afghani dealerships?’ Their response was ‘No!’ So Ron asked ‘Why do you buy from Japanese dealers?  – What about Pearl



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One Response to “Canadian Auto Workers To USA: Don’t buy Japanese, they bombed Pearl Harbour!”

  1. Perry Says:

    The appeal to racism is retarded, no doubt. But it’s easy.

    And, honestly, GM could simply not build trucks at Oshawa. After all, they’ve made other things there in the past. From an outsider’s perspective, sure, why should GM management care? They can go ahead and build the cars in Mexico or wherever. But from an anglo-North American laborer’s perspective, there’s even less of a reason for them to care about GM’s bottom line. They’ve had their jobs for a long time, and to them, it’s heresy to see a US company disregard North Americans.

    The Pearl Harbor comment: stupid. But could you expect anything else?

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