Icelandic Banking: Full of fail

March 8, 2009

Here’s an excellent article from Vanity Fair about the Icelandic banking system.

It’s a 7 page article that gives insight into what happened in Iceland, how they came about banking, and how they approached it.

The author seems to have some bias against Iceland, but the article is still good nonetheless.

Some interesting points:
– The Gov’t regulates fishing. Each fishermen are given a limit of how many fish they can catch per season. That limit can be used as collateral to get a loan from a bank. ( i found that interesting )
– Icelandic male & females have an odd chemistry
– Icelandic banks bought companies they knew nothing about
– The folks in charge of financial services in Iceland had no financial background. Many were fishermen who randomly started trading
– Iceland pays their youth to study abroad and to get PhDs. Upon coming back to Iceland, they couldn’t find a use for their PhDs.

It is really interesting to see how their mentality costed them a nation.


Force India F1 reveals their 2009 Challenger

February 28, 2009

The images are from

Pictures of India’s Lunar Mission launch

November 3, 2008

Pictures of India’s lunar mission launch. Taken from here:


November 3, 2008

I don’t believe this actually was the reason for Lewis winning the title, but it was funny anyway:

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Poor Massa & Ferrari fans

November 3, 2008

Found this on the ‘net, thought they were pretty funny:

Too awesome to not share

October 18, 2008

Sarah Palin & the Chipmunks

Sarah Palin being compared to the Ms Teen USA contestant who couldn’t form a proper thought.

This is scary folks.

India’s first Lunar Mission

September 22, 2008

India’s space program has been slowly gaining momentum. After launching numerous sattellites for commerical use, they have set their sights on the moon, literally. Their latest mission is to launch a probe to the moon. Specfically, they will jettison a device to the moon to create an impact that will result in moon dust flying around. The dust will be captured by the probe for analysis. The scientists hope to find minerals that may result in a new energy source.

This article explains it in detail.

Apparently, India’s space program has proven to be a positive investment. They claim they get a good return. This Newsweek article describes their remote sensing satellite and how it helped the people.

It argues that its space program has earned a return of $2 on every dollar invested by the government, according to Nair. For example, its remote sensing satellites, which map the Earth’s surface at a resolution of close to one meter, have helped find well water in dry regions, saving the government’s drill boring program $100 million.

That is very cool. Pres Abdul Kalam would be proud.

Epic fail: Hurricane Gustav edition

September 1, 2008

uh oh. The sea is angry, like an old man returning soup at a deli…

Stephen Colbert interviews the Cookie Monster on his new healthy eating habits

August 25, 2008

Stephen Colbert always gets the best interviewees.

Rivalry between Brazil & Argentina Soccer teams soften up

August 25, 2008

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An ad put out by an Argentian condom company regarding an upcoming soccer game between Brazil & Argentina:

Brazil ended up winning the game leading their soccer federation to display the following ad:

Such a great ad.